Missing Link
Production graphics for Missing Link, 2020 Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner for Best Animated Feature Film.
Client: Laika
Movement Mural
Mural design for local building
The dangers of in-game data collection
for an article about the dangers of in-game data collection, and how developers can predict gamers' tendencies, strategies and desires.
Client: Polygon.com
Art Director: James Bareham
Share Your Gifts
Story development for Apple spot produced by Buck
Client: Buck
Hyper X - We’re All Gamers
Early development design for Hyper X spot
Client: Brand New School
Stream of consciousness illustration.
Playstation - Big Bang
I created some early style frames for this throwback Playstation 1 ad.
Client: Buck
Toyota Hero
Comic-style illustration design and asset creation for a couple Toyota spots.
Client: MPC
Director: Patrick Ferguson
Early design frames for Camp titles
Client: Buck
Personal project dealing with themes of being watched digitally.
LA Lakers Promo
Style frames for LA Lakers promo
Client: State Design
Beats Comic
Design and illustration for comic-style spot for Kris Wu's Beats headphones
Client: Gentleman Scholar
Apple Music Anthem
Design and asset creation for production
Client: Buck
For an article about the mysterious, unregulated and harmful chemicals in fragrance products.
Client: New Scientist
Art Director: Ryan Wills
New Oscar Voters
For an article investigating how new Oscar voters are changing the way the Academy thinks.
Client: Vulture Magazine
Art Director: Maya Robinson
Neon Double
Album art
Cover art, lettering and chapter openers for a novel about a hidden civilization.
Client: Penguin Random House
Art Director: Danielle Calotta & Deborah Kaplan
Character design and style frames for CitiGold.
Client: Psyop
Director: Joe Ball
Going Up?